Bealeton, Virginia

I have only been in the local Sears a handful of times, and everytime I had been pretty dissapointed. This last time, however, was quite disturbing.

I had only run in to get a SD card for my camera, which were on sale that week. I get up to the cashier, and he charges me TRIPLE the original price! I argued with him for sometime, and about 10 minutes later, the floor manager wanders up. He asked if there is a problem, and I pointed out the error. He sternly told me that that would be the price I would be paying, and that even though I had the flyer with the sales price, and even wasted my time to go back and get the sign that says the price, he would not be giving me that price.

By this point, I was peeved. So I finally tell him that I was done talking to him, and wanted to speak to the store manager. He 'subtlely' puts his hand on his waist, revealing the handle to a handgun under his vest. He then tells me that I would need to calm down, or he'd have to escort me off the premises. I wasn't even yelling! I barely even had an angry face on! So I told him to **** off, and void the order. I was done, and ended up sending a letter to corporate about my expierence. They responded with 'We are not responsible with employee actions, but will look into this matter'

I still see the floor manager outside Sears everytime I pass.

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As rs pointed out, Sears has a strict 'no weapons' policy. Something bout having a outside hired security officer working inside the store and intimidating customers does not fit right with me or should it with anyone else. Where are the 'loss prevention' associates in all this?

Definatl;y give a call to Sears Holdings customer service, even maybe to local law enforcement to investigate.


i work at this sears, he is not the floor manager, he is a volunteer security officer. ex-cop and detective.

The truth is that he is the manager's brother in law and he "handles" the customers that the real manager doesnt want to deal with, mainly women.

Since he has a private security gun permit he carries it always, but i do believe it is against company policy to employ him, so they have something off the books worked out. im scared of him, he bullies all of us women around, but i need the job.


I will never go to SEARS I'm scared :roll


Sears has a strict no weapons on premises policy and this is grounds for immediate termination per policy. Call Hoffman Estates Customer Service.


I had a Sears guy come out to give me an estimate on a new ac unit. He refused to give me the so called "discount", unless my husband was present, said that he had to have both spouses present.

What a arrogant *** I wouldn't buy a garden hose from those Sears idiots.

I finally told him my money is just as green. Ultimately, I am getting a new unit for 1/2 the price that Sears quoted.