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Here is the sequence of events that have transpired over the past month since I began trying to fix my piece-of-garbage Kenmore dishwasher :

(1) About a month ago I started calling people at Sears to try to find out what parts are needed to rebuild the pump in my piece of garbage dishwasher. After about 5 hours of making phone calls, I was NEVER able to locate anybody at Sears who could answer the simple question : "What parts are required to rebuild my dishwasher pump ?" For that matter, I was never able to locate anybody who showed any evidence that they might be capable of finding their own rear end with a meat hook and a flashlight. I finally gave up on trying to FIX the pump. Are you aware that for the dishwasher I am unfortunate to own, you sell 5-cent O-rings and seals for anywhere between $2.00 and $10 ? And we BOTH know that you buy those pieces of *** from China for half a penny each ! ! I might not care so much about being RAPED financially if you had decent service, but you DON'T !!!

(2) On about Tuesday of this week (Tuesday Aug 19, 2008) I broke down and ordered a new pump. Guess what ? It can ONLY BE ORDERED WITH THE F#$@ING MOTOR INCLUDED ! I DON'T WANT A MOTOR ! I ONLY WANT A PUMP ! Next, Sears will be calling itself "Environmentally Friendly" or some other such lie !

(3) Yesterday, I started wondering where in *** the email is that was supposed to be sent to me, confirming the order. I phoned the Sears human sales staff, and the woman I talked to told me the order wasn't in the system ! YOUR SYSTEM DROPPED THE GODD*&%NED ORDER ! I re-ordered the pump (AND MOTOR !!!!!). The web page that lists this part said the part is "In Stock" (you know, like as in : "We have it right here to send to you ...."). Another lie ! ! !

(4) Just now (Aug 22) I was wondering why I still never got an email confirmation of my order, so I looked on your web site. The web site says the part is BACKORDERED ! ! ! Not "In Stock" as the lie on your web page says ..... BACKORDERED ! ! ! Meanwhile, I am washing dishes by hand, and trying real hard to resist tying a chain to your GODDA&%#D dishwasher and using the car to forcibly pull the son of a *** OUT of my kitchen at about 70 mph !!!! OUT OF THE WAY KIDS ..... DADDY'S GONNA DO SOME REMODELING !!!!!

Sears is a piece of ***. This is about the 10th time I have gotten screwed by you people. I will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, EVER (!!!!!) buy any of your *** again as long as I live ! And, I am going to post this letter on every consumer complaint web site I can find. I am SICK of dealing with Sears.

a pissed consumer

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