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Update by user Jun 05

June 4, 2018 a service tech. from A&E called at 2:28 pm and said he would be here in about 45 min.

he had one call before me. He asked me what the problem was and I briefly explained what has transpired. At 4:00 the service tech. arrived and from the first moment I spoke to him I could tell he had an attitude.

He asked where the washing machine was and I directed him to the kitchen. On the way to the kitchen he said that his boss had briefed him on what was going on. The service tech. then starting questioning me about the previous service tech and why he didn't follow orders.

This service tech. said that the first service tech had called both Sears and LG re: the issues with the machine, however, the tech didn't do what he was told. When the service tech was here I know of at least 3 times he called Sears & LG and he was listening to what they were telling him to do and then he would relay the information back to them. From what I know the 1st tech.

replaced the lock and the 1st circuit board, when that didn't work Sears and LG had told him check to see if he was getting power to the harness, which apparently he wasn't so they told him to replace the harness which he did (some weeks later). When the new harness didn't work Sears and LG told him to replace the circuit board for the 2nd time. When that didn't work they said to replace the lower harness which he did. So I don't know where this 2nd tech feels the 1st tech didn't follow directions.

The 1st tech even said that he had asked them to send someone else out to try and fix it but they refused. Going into the 2nd month without a washing machine I asked the 1st tech if I could go ahead and buy a new washing machine and hook it up so I have something to wash my clothes with. I asked if it would be ok if I placed the broken washing machine next to my kitchen counter were there was an electrical outlet and more room to work. When the 2nd tech.

arrived yesterday he asked me how the washing machine got here and I explained the whole thing to him. He said that he couldn't repair the machine since it wasn't in the closet where it belonged. He further explained that they couldn't work on a refrigerator, stove or dishwasher if it wasn't in its designated spot. The 2nd Sears tech opened the washing machine door and said something about the 1st tech.

didn't do something (I couldn't hear what he said). I asked him what my options were and he said that I needed to Sears Protection Agreement & Benefits Adm. to get a "pro rated refund" on my Sears warranty and he proceeded to call using his cell phone and got in touch with Patricia. I kept saying what about a pro rated refund on the less than 2 year old washing machine (when in broke in Feb.) He said I can't help you with that.

I told him what I wanted was a pro rated refund on my washing machine as well as my Sears agreement and to have the broken machine hauled away. He said that I will have to get someone to haul the machine away. After the Sears tech. left I noticed that there were several dirty spots on my wall where the tech had been leaning against.

I also noticed a metal cable in the inside of the washing machine which must have been the part the 1st tech. didn't finish replacing on his 7th visit. While the saga is over it was not resolved to my satisfaction. I got a pro rated refund of my Sears agreement that will be credited to my Sears Mastercard, nothing towards the washing machine and I have to haul it away myself.

So after approx.

98 days with a broken washing machine, 8 days of sitting home for a 1:00 - 5:00 window, and dealing with people that really don't care I decided it was time to cut my losses. I will never step foot in another Sears store again

Update by user May 30

May 23rd the service tech. came out and replaced the lower harness which didn't repair the washing machine.

This being his 7th visit needless to say he was quite frustrated and left saying I don't know what to tell you, I have replaced everything I can I don't know what more I can do. May 24th I called the Resolution Hotline 1-888-236-1885 which is located in the Philippines, what a joke. I spoke to someone named Kylie and I went through the whole story of how my washing machine broke on Feb. 26th, how the tech.

has been here 7 times now and after all this the machine is still broken. Her question to me was "well was the washing machine working when the service tech. left" I tried to explain as simply as possible the machine is still broken, it doesn't work, the door won't lock. Kylie said that they have not received the final report from the tech yet.

May 30th, I called Sears Resolution Hotline again 1-888-236-1885. I got transferred to a tech. named Stanley. I told Stanley that I didn't need a tech.

and explained I needed to speak to Customer Service and explained why. Stanley referred me to the Protection Agreement Benefits Adm. at 1-800-376-0557. May 30th I called the Protection Agreement Benefits Adm.

and spoke to a women (I couldn't understand when she said her name). I was on the phone to her and gave her all the information at which time she put me on hold to review the records and disconnected me. (13 min. on line then disconnected) May 30th I called the Protection Agreement Benefits Adm.

and spoke to Tinil and explained the whole thing again. Tinil said that she needed to place me on hold while she reviewed the records. I asked if we got disconnected would she please call me back so I wouldn't have to go through this again. She said if she could, but she wasn't sure and that she would just put me on a soft hold.

She said that I wouldn't hear anything because she would be reviewing the records, but I could always call out to her if I needed. Tinil said that after reviewing the records the service tech hadn't turned in his findings from the last visit (5/23/2018) and that she would need to get in touch with him, and once again I was put on hold. Tinil spoke to the service tech who was not cooperating and refused to submit the report for the last visit. So Tinil has scheduled a Sears tech, not a sub-contractor to come out Mon.

June 4th between 1:00 & 5:00.

(25 min. on line)

Original review posted by user Apr 29

I purchased several Sears appliances for my kitchen in May of 2016. Feb.

26th my front load washing machine broke. The error code indicated that it was the door lock. Fast forward to April 29th, 2018 the service tech (a subcontractor) that Sears sent out under the warranty has been here 6 times. He has replaced the door lock, the computer board twice and the harness, now Sears wants the service tech to change out the harness again.

The poor service guy has had to make 6 visits to my house and has spent anywhere from 1 1/2 hrs. to almost 3 hrs, most of it on the phone to Sears repair or LG and the machine still isn't working. I have had to sit around and wait 6 days from 1:00 - 5:00 for the service tech who usually shows up about 3:00.

I have called Customer Service, Customer Solutions & the Warranty Dept.

to find out when this nightmare will end to no avail. Now I have this broken washing machine setting in my kitchen until Sears fixes it or finally declares it dead and reimburses me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Washing Machine Repair.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $800.

Preferred solution: full refund and remove broken washing machine from premises.

I didn't like: Customer service and the use of su contractors.

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Sears is a joke, contact the bbb and your local news media it will get you fast results. Rochester NY

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