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I was returning a pair of Docker pants that I had received as a gift about 2 months ago. I didn't have the receipt so I was prepared if the store had told me they were a little cheaper than what was the original purchase price due to the fact that I didn't have a receipt.

I know they give you what the last sale price was. IN all the years that I have shopped in Sears I have never seen a pair of pants for $4.99. The price tag on the pants I had was $48.00. When the store manager finally arrived it was like we were bothering him and all the cashier would keep saying is get me a gun so I can be out of my misery.

According to the manager the pants in 2 months have lost almost all of there value even my car doesn't depriciate that fast. All I wanted was to swap my pair for a larger size. They didn't have the same pants that I had so I picked up something that was comparable and was told again all I could recieve was a credit for 4.99.

I asked the manager you show me where in this store can buy a pair of pants for 4.99 his answer was still the same that is how much they have depreciated too. I will never shop in sears again and I have made many purchases from Sears for tools and many other products.

Monetary Loss: $48.

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You are right! Tasha needs to get a job at Sears.

She is uneducated, obviously has lots of spare time and is a low life. That pretty much covers the requirements for her to snag a job at Sears!



You need lots of help this cashier was saying this to everybody. Who the *** to say the things you were saying I have a great family you sound like you need to find someone who would like you or even want to be around a nut like you.

I am a very happy person can't say the same for you. Hey maybe you should get a job at sears.


YOU need to go straight to ***(which you will if you will kindly get a gun yourself)....*** #####! Maybe YOU should kill yourself and do everyone who knows you a huge favor.

The poster did not have a receipt. Read the post TASHA before you respond or better yet..get a gun and finish yourself off.

also, learn now to spell! Miserable is your middle name...spell it correctly!


Wow Tasha thats a little harsh it sounds like you are the one with issues. The cashier at sears wants to shoot herself because, she's a cashier at sears

I also have lost all intrest in sears for there return policies they do not stand behind there products at all

The managers are the worst and usless

The craftsman name is ***

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #173307

Obviously if the cashier was thinking of suicide just from dealing with you you are a horrible person. I wonder how many other people would think of suicide just dealing with you.

Your parents and siblings probably did kill themlselves just because they are related to you by blood. Maybe the reason that you needed a larger size was because you are lazy. Too lazy to return the pants earlier. You had no receipt so your own fault.

Maybe behaving in such a manner that will not make people want to kill themlseves just dealing with you would be a good start to becoming a better person. You are obviously a miseribal person.

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