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I bought five tee shirts from Sears on February 9, 2017. I needed some expensive tee shirts for a trip to Hawaii while hanging out in our rental house.

Unfortunately, two tee shirts were too small, so today I tried to return them to Sears. Today is March 15, 2017. I was told I could not return them; could not exchange them; could not get a gift card; could not get my money back!!! NOTHING!!!!

When I asked why I didn't know that policy, I was pointed to a very fine printed little message about 3 feet above me where I should have read that policy. And also pointed to the bottom of my receipt where I should have read about their return policy. I said that I thought they should have it posted on the counter and tell their customers that they have 30 days to return their purchases. I have been looking online for a telephone number to complain.

Thankfully, my tee shirts were not very expensive but it still makes me mad that I can't even exchange the tee shirts for a bigger size!! That is absolutely a ridiculous way to do business. No wonder they are going out of business as well as Kmart. *** return policy.

***, ***, ***. I will never, ever buy clothes there.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $15.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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so you have theintelligence/ability to find this forum online but can't manage to ask simple question to empl:

"what is your return policy?"

Denver, Colorado, United States #1303508

How could you have purchased two shirts that were too small?? YOU PICKED THEM OUT!!!

You can STOP trying to play the victim because YOU KNOW that beyond 30 days on a return isnt going to happen. Its NOT about customer service, its about taking responsibility for YOUR purchase. Because there is a return period people like YOU tend to THINK that you can damage or destroy a item and bring it back and get a FULL refund or FULL exchange. Why should THEY as a business have to take back a item YOU have used/damaged and give YOU a full refund?

Especially AFTER a return window is closed? Maybe accept that YOU WAITED TOO LONG!!! Its on YOU!!! SO because YOU couldnt get off your rump to take it back within the 30 day window somehow its THEIR FAULT??

People like YOU need to educate yourself. YOUR ignorance is astounding!!! YOU cannot READ a simple set of paragraphs. YOU cannot motivate yourself enough to even get there in an appropriate timeframe.

YOU cannot even take a moment to look up from your oh so important life to even educate yourself on what the return policy is. So PLEASE tell us all again HOW this is their fault in ANY WAY! Oh thats right, YOU CANT!!!

YOU just want to WHINE about NOT GETTING YOUR WAY!!! Go take a time out in the corner, its an appropriate response to YOUR behavour.

to Anonymous Elk Grove, California, United States #1305689

You are delightful!

to Anonymous #1305696

I bet you work for Sears. I bet you're perfect.

I bet you're wonderful. I bet you've never pissed off before and just wanted to have a forum to state how I felt!!! Isn't this the correct forum?? Oh, ya, that's right.

You are the best person in the whole dang world. Lucky for me, you posted to my comment. Get over yourself, and look and see what this forum is called. It is not called, "Pick on the person who just wrote about being pissed off." You won't change my mind!

You are something else. Oh, ya, that's right - you are something else. I don't know you but I'm super happy you are not my friend!!! Oh, ya, that's right - the tee shirts were incorrectly sized.

Just ask the retail clerk who agreed! Duh!!!!!!!!!!!!


What kind of *** consumer makes purchases without being aware of the store's return/refund/exchange policy?


So because you can't read you have a complaint? Perhaps next time you should take a minute to ask what the return policy is since you refuse to read the fine print. So dumb!!

to Anonymous #1306342

You're dumb. Sears is closing stores all around the US.

I know why!!! You don't.

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