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My husband and I had a truly miserable experience with Sears as well. Their prices for our new A/C system were steep compared to Lowe's and Home Depot out here in IL, but the Sears name and replacement plan prompted us to go with them. We were assured that we would be guaranteed 100% satisfaction.

Turns out that the sales rep ordered incorrect components, prompting 4 additional visits from an independent contractor hired by Sears, not Sears personnel themselves. We don't even know if these guys were licensed. Ultimately, we had to repeatedly contact the manager out here, Jay, to finally have a thermostat and its associated charges removed from our bill. Turns out we were being charged almost $500 for this thermostat, but we had no way of knowing since specific item charges and item information were blocked out out our paperwork - all we knew was the general *type* of what we were getting. Numerous calls to our "project coordinator" whose job, we were told, was to ensure everything went smoothly, went unanswered.

We recently had a furnace installed with a fantastic service provider who itemized and explained everything, and could provide proof of licensing and background checks of employees.

My husband and I are pretty easy customers to deal with, overall. I will never be as naive and trusting as I was with Sears again, however, and am very thorough and detail-oriented when getting estimates, so I suppose our Sears experience was a good education, pricey "tuition" and all. Sadly, Sears' 20th-century reputation is not relevant to its 21-st century service.

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