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I purchased a Craftsman Professional Grade lawn tractor in 2008. I bought the extended warranty (luckily).

In 2011 the front axle broke. Completely broke in half. It took the service technician 43 days to fix. He showed up the first time and didn't have the part.

He had to order. Then the part was on back order. Finally the part came in. That was in June 2011.

Now it's November 2011 and the front wheels are out of alignment. Called a tech to come take a look. He said the tractor hit something and bent the frame. I was unable to be at the house when the tech came over but my wife was home.

She said nothing was hit and he got into an argument with her saying it was our fault. Needless to say he left without fixing the mower. I called and complained until I got the corporate office. That was an experience in itself because when you call corporate you always get an answering machine no matter what.

So you have to leave a message and wait until they call back. They sent another service tech out, who conveniently works with the first tech, and he agreed with the diagnosis - we hit something and that's why the frame is bent. I DIDN'T HIT ANYTHING! The tractor is not professional grade.

All I did was cut my grass. The tractor is still covered under warranty but they won't fix it. Please, whatever you do, do not buy any Craftsman product. Save yourself the headache.

I am seeking legal counsel now to see what my options are. I will keep you informed.

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Take then to conciliation court. It only costs a few dollars, You add that to your claim against them as well.

You do not need a lawyer to do so and they will have to have a lawyer represent them if they want to fight it.

They will not want to go to court so they will start to communicate with you. Do not let them off the hook since you can go to court if they do not come to terms with you.

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