Ann Arbor, Michigan

we got windows from sears in 1994. the papers we have says 20 years warr.

one window is cracked. they want us to pay $100. to $200. to fix the windows.

which is bull. what good is having a warrenty if they don't keep there end of the deal.

I will tell everyone not to buy home remolding things from sears.

you get a run around and then they don't want to fix what is still under warrenty. shame on them. i think it is bad bussiness.

Plus we are in ohio had to talk to some in fla just to find out they are backing out of there deal. never again

Monetary Loss: $5.

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comment written by bob,on 16-01-2009 21:54 must have been written by a Sears Accociate.


comment number one above must have been written by a Sears associate, named bob. I agree with the window complaint author Sears does not honor it's warranties on their home improvements.


total baloney, sears did an excellent job on my windows, and they have the best warranty package in the industry. the warranty is also totally transferrable. i don't know what you're smoking, but i will purchase from sears again and again.


i know sears installs simonton and so does home depot, sears is more money than home depot. home depot will actually take care of the window for your lifetime and the next home owner lifetime, they have came out to my house to replace my window after a tree went through it, any issues i have with the windows they come out and replace them, simonton windows are the best quality, and home depot backs them 100%