Ordered some tools for Christmas gift. Chose shipping option that would allow it to reach me in time.

When it arrived, the item was not the item I ordered. Hurry and called Sears.com. She said they would order correct item, and it would arrive "free of charge" after Christmas. I explained I needed it before Christmas.

She said they would refund me original shipping charges, but would not pay to expedite "new" order. I asked to speak to manager. After a long hold period, she let me know that they would expedite it for me. I was relieved.

Then she explained to me that they would have to charge me for the shipping,then she would go into the back office and take the shipping off. I needed the item, so I said fine. While finishing up the call, I found out that Sears was going to charge me for the original item again, and I wouldn't get my money back until I sent their incorrect item back to them (valued at much less than the tools). So I casually said, okay, but does that seem fair that Sears does that?

I then received a standard answer I assume they have to give. And I said again, does that seem fair that Sears messed up, but yet I am paying for it? Her response was do you want to cancel the order then? Really????

That's when I received an email for the "second" order, that showed me being charged well over the original cost. I asked her about it and she said that they charge for shipping and current sales price in the order. I reminded her that she said she was going to adjust it. Apparently the adjustment is not before they charge me.

It will come as a credit to me in 5-7 business days (I am assuming longer because of the holiday).

So, now I have shelled out more than double my original purchase, I don't have the correct item, and I have an item worth $8 that UPS will pick up tomorrow. What horrible customer service on top of a completely incompetent shipping department.

Monetary Loss: $90.

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