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This is a continuation about working at the Sears Call Center which is like the job from ***. As I stated earlier, you are lucky if you speak to your supervisor all week.

When you do, it's all negative feedback. The people that seem to get the best ratings are the most abusive, ghetto-talkers. I used to sit next to people and I could not believe the way they spoke to customers on the phone--so rude and disrespectful and for some reason, Sears seemed to reward that behavior. The less you actually gave the customer--the better.

These same abusive people are the only ones that stay there. Anyone with other employment options will not stay. The desks are filthy and the drawers are broken. You're not assigned your own desk so you must shuffle around looking for one.

There's not enough for the people who work there and the computer systems are these old DOS systems--it reminded me of the mid-80's. A lot of the computers are broken and the chairs are broken. It's really hard to function there. There's so little you can actually do for the customer--it's pathetic.

Customers call in and are redirected all over the country and even out of the country which Sears won't admit. As an employee, I would speak with another Sears Call Center and I knew they were out of the country. I would ask them, "where are you?" And they would say, "we are not allowed to disclose our location." Sears is totally outsourcing and they won't admit. I heard through severals sources that they have a nice call center in the Phillipines (which they won't even admit) but the one I worked in here in the US was a dilapidated and falling apart.

Every time you call in, you'll get someone different, God knows where. And they really can't transfer you to a supervisor. They are so overworked. They just assign another employee to call you back.

They will say they are supervisors but probably 99% of the time, they are not--they are told to say this, however. People say this all happened because of Kmart and that they ruined Sears. After seeing what's happening there, I could never make a large purchase from Sears again. It's too big and quite frankly, with the system they have, it's not going to work.

They need to completely restructure, re-vamp, overhaul their customer service. It's sad, I used to like Sears. But if you saw what I saw there, all of these complaints would make complete sense.

There really can be very little positive resolution with the system Sears is utilizing.

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This is by far the worst run call center I have ever come in contact with. The management team is pathetic and judgemental.

They are the mean girls straight from a bad movie. They manage as though you need to be part of a really bad sorority. Worst of all the fact that they have no other management experience other than Sears sets the entire call center up for failure. The GM Summer is the worst of all.

She has no business expertise and fires anyone that is smarter than her because she is intimidated by them. It is the last place I would recommend and if you have any desire for career advancement, then it is the wrong place. There is no where to go, but down with this poorly run company.

If you want to take a ride on the Titanic, than jump on board. Otherwise, survive and move on to anything else.


works in a sears call center is *** ON EARTH. the *** co-workers are ghetto *** losers you are SO right, and the only losers rewarded are these uneducated filthy rejects who have no education and no manners.

I got accolades and never got recognition but they recognize some 500 lb *** gorilla ugly skank *** for doing nothing. everyone that works there is over 200 lbs in fact, the pre-requisites for working at sears is that you have to be 1. over 200 lbs, 2. hideously ugly 3.

really dumb/rude 4. black or spic or white trash 5. skinny hot Hispanic females who the managers *** with and hire FOR that reason 6. dumb as a rock.

They hire degenerates off the streets it seems. they interrogate and abuse good employees..sears SUCKS BEWARE!!!


U are an ***


I totally agree with the ghetto talk and unprofessional nature of the people on the phone. The first lady I spoke to was smacking gum while speaking with me and she too said she had no supervisor.

Sears sold me a broken refrigerator and now they are refusing to replace it even though the technician said it needed to be replaced in lieu of being repaired because the repair is tricky and I will probably experience future problems with the unit. My technician said he is looking for a new job because he is tired of seeing how Sears is treating their customers and if they will treat their customers this way there is no doubt they have no regard for their employees.


yea, the call center in tempe is pretty awful. managers have favorites, and make special exceptions for those that they like more..

they will also change your hours and shift and days off all 'due to business needs'.. they dont care if you have children, aptmnts, going to school. they just took my half of my team and sent them home, to make room for their personal favs to be in their deptmnt.. i would highly advise not working there, and if at all, dont get anything delivered..

the system is misreble.. i call customers on a daily basis telling them that the delivery is going to be way late..


Yes, that is true.


Just aquestion, are call center associates encouraged to steer sales from commission store associates? I have complaints everyday from customers that the call center would not connect them to the salesfloor. Thank you.


no. we are supposed to handle the customer's concern immediately rather than passing the call off to a store.

Also, most of the time when we reach a store we get teenagers with attitude problems who don't know what they're doing. I'm just saying.


There ARE bathrooms for the people already working there at the Sears Call Center in Tempe, Az., on Hardy DRive...of course...but you are treated like dirt if you are there to apply for a job, you can either leave and come back {go find a restroom elsewhere !}, or be told to go walk across the street to the PARK and try to locate that bathroom !


I left out the word "location". I meant to write that the call center I was complaining about was located on Hardy Drive in Tempe, Arizona.

And also, they make SURE you can't call them about anything at all. Try calling that place to talk to a higher-up. It's impossible. They make sure you cannot even contact their board of directors.

They don't care, that's why. And get this...at the TEmpe location that I mentioned...there's NO bathroom. If you are there for a few hours or so, testing and interviewing you are out of luck. I arrived in a taxi, ok ?

I told the woman at the desk too. So she points out that I could "walk across the street and find the public restroom at the outdoor park". She knew I had no car. I AM DEAD SERIOUS.

NO JOKE. That should have given me all I needed to know about working for Sears.


After reading the posts here, I can only agree especially with the post from Tx2ca ---

I am not surprised you don't even get a decent desk and that you have to shuffle around to get an empty one ! I had the definite feeling from the nasty interview with JACKIE, that they really think of people as CATTLE.

I am not surprised in the least that even on the job , you don't respect even from the standpoint of a DESK.


I'm glad it blew up on me before I became an employee ! I didn't waste my time on them.


From the Tempe, Arizona on the Hardy Drive location, I was interviewed by phone by someone named "Jackie" {if she was telling the truth}, a very unprofessional person. She was talking SO fast I had to keep asking her to repeat. That gave her no clue at all, she kept it up.

She said she wanted to talk about the job description. Naturally I thought I could also ask questions. She became weirdly evasive when I got to questions like "what determines whether I get a 30 or 35 hour shift ?", and more, and seemed hostile when I tried to re-word it to get it ANSWERED.

She broke off abruptly without answering the question and tried to go on to a different subject. I apologized and asked if if she could just let me know about what I'd asked her {and that it would be my last question on the subject}, at that point she said any further questions like that would come after a job offer. I agreed and said "ok". Well, even though things were fine and I had got the point and agreed, she suddenly told me she would have someone contact me back in "5 to 7 days", which meant "never". I knew that because of her attitude, and because I'd already been told when I was tested / did application that if the phone interview went well I'd come for an in-person interview the same day. So, "Jackie" had a bug up her *ss, WHY I don't know, but since I knew she was going to drop me for no reason , I asked for her supervisors name and number. She made one up. She lied. When I called the number, it was a wrong number. THAT is SEARS for you.

They treat you like several decades ago. They need to UPDATE and not treat people like cattle. That was the rudest, worst attitude I had ever experienced. For no good reason, she was going to cut me off the possibility of getting the job. And, originally they advertised this as a "30-40" hour job. Then on the phone no, it's now "30-35". I'll never even SHOP there again, they just lost me and my entire family as customers. JACKIE needs to get her head examined, she has one huge ego trip going on. I was only asking questions, which I had WRONGLY assumed I had any RIGHT to do, sub-human that I am..... SEARS is so high and mighty. I don't need them--------


I worked at the Round Rock Tx call center first with National Customer Relations. I then was chosen to be part of the pilot program One Source...

Yes I put in for a "promotion" to be on the first crew of guinea pigs they call One Source. And really, I think they had the best of intentions, but as any pilot program, bugs had to be worked out. But like you said, it was a job from ****. It got to the point that even my best intentions weren't good enough....

Talk about delivery problems.... sheeesh. I knew that I had to get out of there because upper management just did not get the fact that One Source wasn't working. I finally left there around 2004ish.

At least we had our supervisors there and willing to help when needed. But I understand what you are talking about in regards to rewarding the abusive reps. Again, not so much when I was there, and we had our own cubie at least. Sounds like things really went down hill, but sad to say, I am not surprised.

I doubt any of the mangers that I worked with are still there.

I can't see Sears lasting more than a couple of years. They really blew it.


And now most of HR has been moved overseas and you can't even get answers about employee issues. What a joke...


Sounds like they treat the customers as the enemy.I guess management thinks it's better just to frustrate the customer into accepting Sears screw-ups.

And by not revealing the actual location they make the call center and Sears look no better than a junkie in denial.It's a slap in the face to customer intelligence.Even if the customer is hostile it is your job as an employee to remain calm-you are being paid to keep calm.