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This is my 2nd bad review. This is the second bad review I have ever written, but after the first one, it makes it that much easier to write a second, and yet I was ignorant enough to go back after the first.

Mistake. The last time I brought my car in, I brought it to sears ONLY because I had just moved to this town and didn't know any better. It took them two days longer to fix my car than they said it would and ruined an already paid for vacation, which I missed after they neglected to even bring my car in to the service bay on the first AND second day I had left it there. It took them 3 days just to start fixing!

This time I thought, " I only need a tire rotation, it's two blocks from my house, there is NO WAY they can screw up a tire rotation." Wrong again. Brought my car in a couple of weeks ago and had them rotate my tires and check to see why one kept deflating to a specific air pressure. said no prob, rotation is don and we also fixed your valves which were wrong for those tires, free of charge on the valves. I thought, wow!

No I feel bad that I wrote that last review, they only charged me for the rotation and actually took the time to fix a small issue that was annoying, but not in dire need of fixing. I actually felt bad about the review. Got in my car, drove about a mile (our speed limit here never goes above 30 on the whole island) and didn't get a mile, my car is SEVERELY pulling to the right. Not an issue BEFORE that day, now an issue.

THEN, to top it off I get this weird clacking noise when I drive slowly and make turns. I thought I had rocks in my tires, but no..... Sears broke my wheel bearing. ALSO NOT AN ISSUE BEFORE THAT DAY.

I only found this out by calling Sears and asking if I could bring it in to have them check out why it was making that weird noise and to get a now needed alignment. They told it was going to be $75 bucks to fix a bearing that THEY BROKE! They then told me that "it happens when you rotate tires" ! Are you flippin serious!

I have to pay for an issue they caused, and that they didn't tell me about WHEN OR AFTER they rotated my tires!??? Is this a joke or what! I paid for the alignment ($90) after arguing my point, and left. I am infuriated.

Everyone I know said to never take it there again after I took it the first time, even OTHER car repair shops said to go ANY place but sears and suggested other place aside from their own. Why didn't I listen. They say Sears is a joke of a company, I now realize why they are bankrupt. Ridiculously, unheard of, awful service.

I didn't have it fixed at SEARS of course, but now have to pay $75 to have it fixed someplace else. Angry is not even on the radar of how I feel about this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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I thought I couldnt be angrier.... I was wrong, I am 100% positive that my alignment was never even done.

My car is STILL doing the exact same pull to the left.

If Sears doesn't fix this issue I will be perusing another way to have it handled legally. I want a phone call and a person who will fix the issue ASAP.

Sears Response

BadSears1, at Sears, we pride ourselves on making sure our valued customers are satisfied with our auto services and it appears we have not met that goal here. We are terribly sorry for the experience you had. From your post we can certainly understand why you would be upset and would like to help. At your convenience please send the following information – contact #, screen name (BadSears1 phone # used at time of purchase to – We look forward to speaking to you.

Thank you,

Dianne D.

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