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I ordered a chelsea sofa on 1st december . Got the order confirmation and delivery details as well.

On 3rd of december I got mail that my order has been cancelled because that sofa is not in stock, I checked it online and it was available but for much higher price. I called Sears to ask why they have cancelled my order if they still have it in stock they replied it is because my sofa is sold by third party and it has been cancelled by third party (DA Stores) without any reason, and lady in sears told me to contact DA stores directly (I dont understand why should I contact DA stores if I made payment to Sears). However, I call DA stores, they told me that its not their responsibility to provide me sofa now because the price has been increased and if I want that sofa I have to spend more then double the price of it. (Then why did they put it on sale.) I again contacted Sears and they said that its neither their responsibility to provide me sofa now and I have to reorder it (what is the guarantee my order wont get cancelled again).

I dont understand whose responsibility is it to deliver my sofa(Then why did Sears took money from my account if they dont have responsibilty). It is still available on their website and DA Stores only selling it.

I really feel cheated. :( :(

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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