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6/19-Went to local Sears store and purchased a stove top. Received email receipt and was told we would get contacted the next day for delivery/installation info.

We were never contacted and after a week (we were away), I called them. They were going to try to contact installer and still no one got back to me. 2nd call into Sears and they gave me the installer phone # to call myself. (gee thanks) I called and spoke with local installer and she said Sears just gave them the info that day, 6/27.

She had me scheduled for installation for 6/29. She called me back and said she had to cancel the install because the item wasn't going to be at the local store. She then told me the item was set to be picked up in Colorado. I have no clue where they got a Colorado address from as we are in FL.

I called Sears again, they said it is all set to be picked up at the 'store' on thursday. I then had to clarify which store, and she gave me the Colorado location. Being as the customer service is not located in the US, she wasn't aware that CO would not work for FL residents. ( unbelievable) I had to tell her that was 2000 miles away.

At this time she says they should cancel the order and re-order the item. I asked why can't we just edit the address and they stated they couldn't do so. We went ahead and cancelled that order and went to immediately re-order and now I am told they cannot because it is now out of stock! I truly couldn't believe what I was hearing.

How could it be out of stock? There was an item available that was going to Colorado, we knew that much! Now I am told to chose a comparable item and they will honor the price. A stove is not something you simply chose online in 5 minutes, it takes some research, however I scurried to find another one that would work for us.

It took 40 minutes to now process this new order. Just as we are finishing up, I am now asked to speak to someone in their card security department for my credit card( probably because of all the activity). Oddly enough, this was the one English speaking person i spoke with the entire time. As she is asking me a few security questions, she says that the delivery address for this new order doesnt match what I just gave her.

I said how? I said there was an old order that was cancelled and that was set to deliver in CO, could that be the confusion? She says she sees that previous order and BOTH of them are for CO. I could not believe this!!!

I told her to immediately put me back on with the lady who was placing my order so that we could remedy that, again, ASAP. She connects me back and now we are fixing the delivery when she tells me that this new 2nd order is now also OUT OF STOCK. I started to cry. At this point I have been on for almost 2 hours with absolutely no resolution.

I am told to pick yet another comparable item. There really weren't any left. As it was the second stove I chose wasn't really the one I wanted. So I found the last one that seemed doable and gave her the item #.

She tells me that this one is too expensive and they can't honor the same price. We went back and forth because i just couldn't understand this. They messed up both my orders, took up my time, and yet now they can't honor their word because the 3rd stove I chose was too expensive??? That was the least they could do!

I got upset with her and then was hung up on. After 30 min I went online and saw that the 1st stove I chose back on 6/19, seemed to not be 'out of stock' any longer. I called back in and started all over. Spoke with someone and just asked about that stove and if it was in stock.

I was told yes, and then the order process began. 20 min later he comes back and says he apologizes, but his screen didn't refresh and the item actually isn't available. (but it showed it was on on my end, so I never got an answer to that). I had them check the 2nd stove that had just gone out of stock hours earlier, and guess what, that one was available now.

Wow. So we started all over AGAIN. 45 min later, same price was honored and I now have my 3rd order placed and delivery expected for 7/3. Hours later I receive an email regarding my 2nd order, and explaining why it was cancelled.

I was completely appalled because the email was 100% false! They were stating that it was cancelled because there was no installation service available in my area, which we know is completely inaccurate as I had spoken to them that day and they were very available.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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any reason you couldn't shop elsewhere after the 1st stove order was screwed up?


combination of principal, time invested, and minimum $500 price difference.