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Sears has gone down the tubes! I will NEVER step foot in a store again.

I bought a refrigerator but turned down the $70 delivery fee (I live 3 miles away). Three days later, I called the store to see if it was in, no one would answer the phone. I got eventually got transferred from hold to a call center out west. No help there.

Even the national Sears call center couldn't get anyone to answer in the JV Mall store, including the store manager I asked for. I had to go to the store to find out if it was in. It was. I brought it home and guess what?

It didn't work. I called the store to speak to a manager, no answer. I called the service number and asked them to pick it up and deliver a working one. They said if I didn't pay for delivery, then they wouldn't help me.

I asked for their manager and they said none were working. I lugged it back to the store, returned it and explained my experience. They asked if I would like to exchange it. I laughed and left.

I just ordered a comparable frig on Lowes.com. Same size, $85 less, better reviews, better energy efficiency and guess what, NEXT DAY FREE SHIPPING. Thank you Sears for forcing me to shop around (I had been a loyal lifelong customer) NEVER AGAIN WILL I SHOP AT SEARS! On a side note, the employees working the floor were very kind and helpful as was the call center on the first day.

(Not the service call center that I called later) The management stinks, the telephone system stinks and evidently they do not stand by their products anymore. Another great American company going down the proverbial toliet.

Go elsewhere, anywhere but there! Buyer beware!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

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Sears Response

Dear Anonymous,

My name is Brian and I am part of the Sears Social Media Escalations team. We are sorry to hear of the trouble you experienced with your new refrigerator purchase. If delivery is not paid for with the purchase of an appliance, the responsibility does fall to the customer to get a defective unit back to the store. With that being said, we can certainly see how this situation would be most upsetting for you. We’d like to discuss this matter in more detail, and ensure that your feedback is passed along to the correct management team. Please send the following information – contact #, s the screen name that I have assigned you (Anonymous443215), phone # used at time of purchase to smadvisor@searshc.com. We do look forward to speaking with you soon.

Thank you,

Brian S.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support