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We bought a Kenmore Elite stackable washer and dryer in April. We started having problems with the dryer shutting off after a few minutes.

We called for service. I gave the service person all the information they asked for, including model number. When the tech came, he told me he couldn't do anything because I did not request two technicians. I said that I answered all the questions they had asked, and shouldn't they KNOW if it's stacked that you should send two.

He informed me that NO, it was up to ME to tell them. He left. There was another call scheduled with two techs. He came back again, and was not happy about having to do the job.

He told me that I was putting the clothes in the wrong way. He supposedly fixed it. It was not fixed. I called again for service.

This tech told me that the dryer was too high tech, and that it was getting confused, and if I just use time dry it would work, and not to use the settings. I told him that I should be able to use any setting I choose, but I was getting frustrated with having to deal with all these people and I would just use the timed dry. I tried doing that, and it still didn't work. I kept calling for service, and MANY of the times they were supposed to be here, they would call the day of and cancel with excuses like the truck broke down or the tech called out sick.

This went on for months and months. One day when a tech actually showed up, he said that the two control boards should be replaced, and so they ordered that, and yet another service call was scheduled. So the tech that came the very first time ( who was NOT supposed to come again because of his attitude ) shows up with another tech. He comes in, and announces before he even goes anywhere near the dryer, that he will look at it but he is not doing anything, that I will need to make another appointment with two techs.

I told him there are two of them, and he told me he wasn't going to "struggle" to take down the dryer again. I asked him then what is he doing here, and he replied It's Saturday, and I'm all you've got. He left, and my husband and I went to the store, told them everything, and said we wanted our money back and would go elsewhere. They apologized, and offered to have a new dryer delivered the next weekend, and would give us an extended three year warranty.

We reluctantly agreed, and said this would be the last chance. By the way, the tech of course wrote that he didn't have access to the dryer. ( total lie!! ) So the next week they show up to take one dryer out and replace it.

The two men took the dryer down, and had it outside. My husband was speaking with them, and told them how the dryer wouldn't work, and that's why we were replacing it. One of the men asked if it had been shutting off, and my husband said yes. He told him that he could tell him why, and said that some housing in the back was cracked, and the dryer hadn't been grounded when they installed it, and that it was a fire hazard.

We were very upset by this. Then they proceeded to carry up the "new" dryer. When they put it on top of the washer, it was bigger than the last one, and couldn't go on top of the washer.We were so annoyed! We called Sears and said we wanted them to take everything out, and we just wanted our money back.

They would only take the dryer, and wouldn't take the washer because they didn't have a "work order" for that, and told me I'd have to set up yet ANOTHER time for them to come back for the washer. Anyway, they finally came back and got the washer. Getting my money back was ANOTHER very frustrating experience, and another long story. I finally did get it.

This whole ordeal went from July until the middle of November. NOBODY cares at this place, and if you have a problem with anything you will have to deal with very unprofessional individuals.

We ended up going to Holloways Appliances in Simsbury, and got much better service, a better washer and dryer, and a better price. I only wish we had done that first!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Unprofessionalism of everyone, Poor customer service.

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