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Since January we have been dealing with our refrigerator not cooling. Talk with sears to schedule appointment and a week later they send someone out.

Food has been all thrown out at this point. Friday at 4:30pm he walked in and tells me it is MY fault it is not cooling as I have the settings wrong. Within 15 minutes he is gone. Go buy new food, fridge cools for 2 days and then we begin having the same problem again.

Call Sears and they schedule me a week out again. Needless to say food is now bad again. The guy comes to fix it but the part has to be ordered. It takes a week to get the part then we have to reschedule.

Finally the guy shows up, opens the box and the part is broken. The man must have seen that I was going to lose it because he called service and had someone else deliver the part. 4 hours later it is supposedly fixed. That was at the beginning of February.

It is now mid March and here we are again. I called this morning to schedule an appointment and speak with Ashley. She is beyond rude and tells me she can schedule me for Wednesday of next week. I told her that was unacceptable after what all we have been through and in her condescending tone she mmhmmm'd me then told me there was nothing she could do.

I hung up with her, called back and spoke with a nice lady named Eva who tried to help me. Somehow we were disconnected so I called again. I would tell you who I spoke with but can't because he HUNG UP ON ME! Eva called me back and got me through to customer service managment, I am guessing, and they got the appointment moved up.

I have been a Sears customer for many years. About 10 years ago, when our lawn mower literally blew up after Sears repair department fixed it (which according to them was our fault), I started having trouble with the poor quality of the products as well as lack of customer service. I will NEVER EVER again buy ANYTHING from Sears nor will my family or friends.

This afternoon I will be filing a complaint with the BBB and anyone else who will listen. This is ridiculous.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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i have a very similar story involving a dishwasher...high end...that i bought from sears in january. they did a faulty install...i mean, when i say is almost comical.

i call them, they take me ALL around the block, just refuse to make their transaction good. keep sending out THEIR technitions, their technitions can't even pretend that the dishwasher isnt so f'd up and write reports, of which i have copies saying that there really is no good solution to the problem and yet sears escalations dept. calls me the next day to tell me we need to take further steps to get to the bottom of the problem.

i, right now, have been on the phone listening to their musak for 20 minutes...i am probably disconnected, but i have the day off, and i am hanging in today!!!!!! omg do not get invovled with sears!!!!

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