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I purchased a Kenmore fridge from Sears and had it delivered & installed. The installation guy said everything was connected including the water for our fridge water dispenser and ice maker.

Before he left, he said we're 'go to go' & since he's the professional, we trusted him. However when he left, the ice maker & the water dispenser didn't work of course (everything else with the fridge is working) It's been 3 weeks now since we have the fridge and we still couldn't get water to our fridge - we even looked at the manual & couldn't figure it out. This is when my nightmare with Sears began... I called Sears Customer Service today & it was the absolutely worst experience I ever been through.

I told them about my fridge & at first everything on the surface seemed fine. The rep said no problem since my fridge is under warranty, I can have someone come out to take a look. She then said that I need to talk to someone in Repair to get that set-up. I was fine with that & held for 30 min while she transferred me.

I finally got to someone however that person said she's in Sales & didn't know why I was transferred to her. She made me repeat my situation & told me that actually it's Installation that i need to talk to. By now I'm a little irritated. So I said fine, transfer me to Installation & I held for another 20 min.

I got to Installation & had to explain my situation all over again. Then Installation said no, Repair is the correct department. This is when my frustration grew. At this point, I didn't care anymore, I just wanted to get to the right department and be done with.

So I held for another 20 min to get transferred to Repair. Explained my situation once again and while Repair was looking up my account information, the rep had put me on hold. This is where it gets ridiculous - because I was on hold for yet another 20 min!! And when someone answered, it was a completely different person - what??!!!

And guess what? I had to reexplain my self to this new person all over again! The funniest thing was, every time I'm transferred to someone new, the phone connection seems to get weaker. I don't know if they're doing this on purpose but this last & final rep that I had to speak to could barely understand me.

So not only did I hold for over an hr, spoke to 5-6 different people, the rep could barely understand me. All the while I can hear each & every rep perfectly from my end. It was the most horrific experience I had to endure and my request was simple, to get some one out to look at my fridge - that was all. In the end the last rep said someone will come out but based on what I went through, I'm not holding my breath.

And god knows if this technician does come out, what he'll do to my fridge. It seems no one from Sears know what they're doing, totally unprofessional & incompetent - otherwise I wouldn't waste 1 hr + 30 min of my life today. Save yourself the nightmare & do NOT buy from Sears!!!

They may offer affordable products but dealing with them on the Customer side is totally not worth it. Never again...

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Refrigerator Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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