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My parents purchased a Kenmore Elite dishwasher for me last Christmas. A couple of weeks ago a small rubber fitting blew out.

I called 1-888-Kenmore to see about getting a new piece. I was told to get that piece I would have to purchase the entire pump assembly for $200 because it was (barely) out of the 1 year warranty. This didn't sound correct so I called back again the next day. Another rep verified that the dishwasher had a 2 year warranty on the part, but required a $75 service call to fix the dishwasher.

I called back again to schedule said appointment and verified again the part was under warranty and the repair cost was $75. The rep did confirm this information and made an appointment. Several days later when a repair man arrived he informed me that the service call was entered incorrectly and it showed that I had to pay approx. $250 for the parts and $250 for labor.

I then called 1-888-Kenmore back immediately to correct the situation. The rep that I reached had a very thick accent (foreign) and couldn't comprehend the situation. She then asked to speak with the repair man who was still at my home. After he tried to explain the situation to her, she told him she couldn't help and to "have the lady call back tomorrow" and hung up on him.

Then the repair man left. So I called back immediately and spoke with a supervisor. She informed me that the previous reps I spoke with gave me false information and that the parts were covered, but I had to pay the entire labor cost. I told her that was not an adequate solution as I have already spent countless hours on the phone with Kenmore and wasted an entire afternoon on a service call that didn't fix anything.

She said she would escalate the call and someone would call me back to resolve the situation. I never got a call.... I posted about my frustrations on Sears and Kenmore's Facebook page and the page administrator did respond and ask for me to email her the details. I did and she replied saying it was forwarded on and I should receive a call by the end of the day.

Nobody called.... So I emailed her again the next day, and she told me again that I should be getting a call.... Still no call. I then contacted the store manager where the dishwasher was purchased.

He told me to try 1-800-4-my-home to see if they could help. HA! After being transferred a dozen times and disconnected several times I finally reached a gentleman by the name of DeAndre who claimed to be a senior advisor with customer solutions. He listened to my details as I have told a multitude of other reps and finally said "Mam, I understand and I am going to make this right for you." He told me he was entering a new service call that was coded correctly as warranty and was putting in both the notes on my purchase info as well as on the work order that the charges were to be the $75 like I was told twice.

I even got a phone number for him should I have any problems when the repair man arrives... After a little disbelief that the problem was actually taken care of, I called back the number that he gave me and asked for DeAndre. I was informed by the rep who answered the phone that she didn't know who that was and that there was over 350 reps so I couldn't reach him. I then had her check the service call to make sure that it was entered correctly and that the notes were there...

NOPE. He lied!!!! Call was not entered as warranty, no $75 labor charge notes, nothing. I tried explaining what all I have gone through to the rep, but she didn't care.

She said she couldn't help that I had been lied to by previous reps and that there was nothing she could do to help me. I asked to be transferred to someone who could, and the call disconnected, AGAIN. Now let me say this- I didn't yell, cuss, or get nasty with any of the reps. I just kept simply stating my situation over, and over, and OVER again.

I wasn't asking for the moon, just for Kenmore to make right on what they told me twice (no wait, now THREE) times and fix the part under warranty and charge me the $75 to do it. They have no customer SERVICE, just folks who answer the phone and tell you whatever the want and to *** with the results.

This is the most unbelievable experience I have ever had and will never set a foot into another Sears ever again. And it is now my mission to tell everyone I possibly can not to buy from Sears or any Kenmore products EVER!!!

Monetary Loss: $650.

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We apologize for the troubles you’ve experienced with your dishwasher service. My name is David with our Sears Social Media Support team. We see you are working with one of our case managers. We will make sure to forward your post to you case manager’s attention.


David W.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support


Since it is out of warranty I don't see much hope but the best thing is to go to the store and talk to the manager. When you call on the phone they can blow you off much easier. When you are in the store surrounded by customers they tend to be more helpful.


Sounds like a noble mission.....good luck!