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We've been embroiled in a 2 month odyssey to obtain a simple $100 refund from a Sears online purchase. They never shipped the order, but charged our card within 2 days. Although they acknowledged it wasn't shipped, they refused to cancel our order or refund our money. After many polite phone calls and emails requesting the order be cancelled and our money returned, we were finally assigned an individual from the Sears Blue Ribbon Customer Service team. This person sent us hand-written emails stating that they were the only person we should deal with moving forward. Then, we heard nothing, no responses to our emails.

Soon after, we starting receiving 3 form-letter emails per week stating that they were "looking into the problem" - these came from a different person on the Blue Ribbon Customer Service Team. Finally, this week, we received a post card that they had attempted to get in touch, and to please call them. When I called, I was told that we could only talk to the person who had been sending the form letters incessantly. I asked them to please have her call me when the issue had been resolved, as it appeared that absolutely nothing had been done to resolve the problem.

When she called me, she began by chastizing ME for not contacting her, even though she never requested we contacted her. When I explained that we were told to only deal with someone else, she said it had been "escalated" to her. Maybe they should have told us this! Instead of addressing the issue, she seemed determined to fight about how I was at fault. When I finally was able to get her to address the original order issue, she said she hadn't followed up on it, because she didn't know what we wanted - apparently she had never read our four emails that stated EXACTLY what we wanted, even though she admitted to having them.

After all this, she finally cancelled our order, and said we would receive a credit - with the warning that if they credited us more than once in error, we would be billed for the multiple credits. They can't issue a single $100 credit without making a mistake??!?

There was no apology, no effort to make it right, just trying assess blame against us when she did not do her job for 3 weeks. We've spent thousands of dollars with Sears, K-Mart, and Land's End over the past several years (heck, we even registered for our wedding at Sears), but we will never purchase from them any of them again. All over a $100 purchase.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I was told to use the same Rep. She has called when we were out and left a message.

I have returned the call 4 time and left a message when I would be home no call it has been 2 days. Does Sears really care?

I think not. :grin


I'm sorry.

We owe you an apology.

Let me see what I can do to help you.

Hollow, all hollow words.

They must be reading a form letter because no one at is able or willing to help you.

this includes, Imran Jooma

Senior Vice President, e-Commerce

You will get plenty of, we are sorry you have a problem, or we owe you an apology, but that is all you will get.


Yes, sears has the worst customer support ever. I first took photos of the old washer & dryer and shown them in sears store, and then told me I need both electric units.

So I placed order online the same day. On the day they delivered units, they called at 6:30am in the morning, and then we didn't found out that we actually need a gas dryer until they actually came to our place. We called the warehouse / customer support right away, and they said they will simply re-deliver the gas one later, so we just waited for 4 days for next delivery. Day before they do the delivery, they called again and told me it's an electric one, and then they asked me to call customer support, but it turned out I was transferred again and again.

In the end, no one can help, but saying that they can cancel the order and want me to call sale to reorder....... the thing is the promotion was just ended 2 days ago, and now I stuck with 1 washer at home, but have to pay extra 165+tax+shipping or have to return the washer myself!!!


I work for sears, and if you shop via online, your just essentially picking a store for your item to be picked up at. If we don't have it, we can't magically give it to you..


What's your excuse for the rotten attitudes and nasty customer service?

There is no excuse you can give to justify that. I ran job a shold!

go back to the penitentiary where he came from. :upset


You guys are right. is my worst customer experience EVER!!!

They cancel my order by giving the reason "not available". But the item IS available online in stock right now, at the same time they are canceling my order. Plus it takes years to talk to their customer representative and centuries for them to pull out my order information. This is insane.

I won't do business with them any more. I am gonna tell everybody "AVOID SEARS.COM BY ALL MEANS".


I agree Sears Customer Service is horrible. I have been dealing with them for months about a defective lawn mower that I spent $3000 on.

They won't refund me my money because it is over 90 days; however, the problems started 30 days after purchase and I was never told I could have exchanged it. My claim has been escalated to the Blue Ribbon Service team and they do not return my calls. After months of negotiating I was told I could exchange the mower for one that is comparable. But there is an $800 difference that they expect me to pay.

I have spent hours on the phone with what feels like every customer service rep and hours in the store (which is useless) not to mention hours off of work to have service techs look at the mower. The mower I want to exchange for is actually a lower grade than what I currently have and they expect me to pay the price difference.

I have spent more than $800 worth of time on the phone with these people trying to get this taken care of. I will never shop at Sears or KMart again.



I found your comment to the above post and wanted to offer help. I'm Scott with Sears Cares Escalations. I'm so sorry to hear about the trouble you've encountered trying to get your Sears bill resolved. Sears has always prided itself on the highest levels of customer service; we have obviously fallen short of that with you and I cannot apologize enough. We'd like to assist. At your convenience please contact my office via email at so that we can assist with resolving this issue. Please provide us a contact number and we will call you at your convenience. In addition, include your screen name (SEARS IS THE WORST) in the email so we can reference to your case.

Thank you,

Scott J.

Sears Cares


Sears offers the worst customer service! They do not care about customers, no matter if you have dealing with them for years and have purchased products for thousands dollars!

SEARS DO NOT KNOW WHAT THE WORD CUTOMER MEANS NOR WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE IS!!!!!!! the person at the store made mistake on my bill and I have been hospitalized for 8 month, when I discovered the mistake , the store manager did not even want to hear my problem "I do not have time for you" , after a month called again , she did not do anything about the problem all she said I did not hear back from the head office . Sent a letter to president office. After 4 month of following up and calling many times to find the status of my request with them and with credit card company morgan chase( that provide SEARS card), they tell me we can not do anything about in very rude way, the manager over the phone did not want to even hear from me, cutting me off "we can not do anything " all he wants is to move to the next call!!!!

very disappointed at the service.



Blue Ribbon Specialist Phone Number - 888-266-4043 - The phone will ask you for a 2 digit extension. I have been working with this team for over 2 months and still no resolution on a fridge that they have delivered 8 times - all 8 times the unit has been bent, dented, scratched, paint chips, etc...

They refuse to refund and want to keep sending replacements... TERRIBLE CUSTOMER CARE!


Sears and their install group A&E do not offer any customer service. AVOID Sears and A&E if possible.

Very hard to find Blue Ribbon phone number.



Beware! If you order online and receive defective merchandise they will attempt to charge you a pick up fee and 15% to restock!


Worse service-shoddy products and no one to help you remidy on or offline. What a shame in todays economy that customers are treated like total idots.



That doesn't sound like a customer service problem....that sounds like the woman you were working with has a working and ethical problem. I would of got her full name and talked to her manager and got their name as well. Once you got that info I would of than called the national hot line and talked to a rep to further take actions against that employee.