Fairly new dryer wouldn't start. Made appt using web site. Appt not kept - no notice. Made second appt. Two days prior, appt rescheduled for 10 days further out. Not acceptable so called customer support (4 tries) to escalate. manager says he will resolve and call back next day. No return call and phone number given for "jut in case" for another department.

Called customer service (2 tries) escalated to manager and got number for "routing office" to schedule. Had original appt rebooked. App not kept - no call.

Called customer support - no help. Called Sears corporate - could not speak to management. Would not take number to call back. So ... 3 1/2 weeks with no dryer and no appt. Have been Sears customer since 1968 - Will now throw out washer/dryer, buy new Samsung, and never deal with Sears again

Deal with sears at you risk.

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