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Bosch Washing Machine under Sears Maintenance Agreement - washer is likely 10 years old, the main bearing went out just after Thanksgiving (November) 2016 - unable to use washer until repaired or replaced. 1st service: Dec 12, repair guy at house just long enough to confirm the bearing was out & needed replacement, drum not spinning.

They tried to order rear tub assembly (which includes the bearing) and discovered it was "NLA" -No Longer Available. Went ahead and ordered a bearing, other tub assembly and a couple other parts and set up 2nd service call for Dec. 30. On Dec.30 they spent 1-1/2 hours trying to fix it and discovered that none of the 4 parts ordered would work.

Ordered more parts to be sent direct to Sears and set up 3rd service call for Jan. 17. Arrived Jan. 17 WITH NO PARTS.

Had to call a third Sears guy to drive the parts to my house - another 1/2 hour wait. Dismantled everything and found that the new parts STILL WOULD NOT WORK. After repair guy spent another 1-1/2 hours on the phone with Sears, they were still told that the Rear Tub Assembly that they needed was No Longer Available, and further, that they could not even located a used replacement Rear Tub Assembly in the entire United States. Called Sears this morning (Jan 18) to demand a REPLACEMENT WASHER, was initially told by a woman named Whit (they say they cannot give you their last name - but you CAN ASK FOR THEIR ID#) that she would transfer me to a Supervisor, I waited on hold for 5 minutes and then was abruptly disconnected by Sears.

Called back again and spoke with Supervisor Ben (ID #938944), who said he needed to transfer me to Sears Service Contracts Protection Agreement Benefits Administration department, as they were the only ones who could authorize a replacement washer. I next spoke with Shannon #161189, who said that I did not qualify for a replacement as Sears had to first replace 3 parts before having to replace the entire machine. I re-iterated that Sears has known since 12/12/16 that the entire Rear Tub Assembly needed to be replaced, that part is No Longer Available, and they are unable to locate one in the entire U.S. Shannon #161189 said she would transfer me to "the highest level of management".

I was transferred to a Marcy who never gave me her last name or ID #, and she immediately transferred me on to David #261843 who apparently works in Customer Solutions Dept. He was not sure why I was transferred to him, and said I needed to talk to someone in Protection Agreement Dept, so transferred me to Norma #151031. After giving Norma both the phone number that the service contract was under as well as the Service Order #, she said her system was not showing any of the service call information for this washer. I then gave her the Model # of the washer from the service order receipt that the Sears repair guy had given me.

She still was not seeing the information in her system and had to put me on hold to check with a supervisor. After being transferred and put on hold for 1-1/2 hours, Norma came back to say that she could not see anywhere that I was authorized to speak with Sears!!! I told Norma under no circumstances was she to hang up on me, and that she could wait while I got the Property Manager (PM) on the phone. I was able to get Tanya, the PM, on the phone, Tanya gave Norma the Contract # and Norma was finally able to see the service order in her system, but she said it looks like it's an open order - repair guys are to return February 2 to repair.

Again - yes, but it has also been determined that the ONE PART THAT NEEDS TO BE REPLACED IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE AND THEY CANNOT FIND A REPLACEMENT ANYWHERE IN THE U.S.!! Norma said she could have "someone else" review this entire case, I asked who this would be, and she said it would go to the ESCALATION TEAM for review. I requested that she get them on the phone now and was finally transferred to Teresa #150709 of the Escalation Dept. At first Teresa tried to say she had no authorization to speak with anyone but the owner, however Tanya was quick to point out that on January 10 at 9:19am Hawaii time there was a 3 way call between Sears, the owner and Tanya for that authorization.

Teresa then asked for our Case Number, but at no time were we ever previously given a Case #. After explaining the whole scenario again and emphasizing that their service so far was unacceptable, Teresa finally decided that she would request a replacement washer. She put us on hold for a few minutes and came back with a Case #, and explained that the owner would get a call back in 24-48 hours about the approval. I asked if Teresa was now giving the final approval, or if there was any other Dept that still had to approve this?

Teresa said that the OFF LINE DEPT has final approval, but that department does not speak to customers AT ALL.

So we can only wait 24-48 hours and hope that the owner gets a call back saying that the replacement has been approved, and she will be told an amount that Sears will give her as a merchandise credit to buy a new washing machine. So the owner will still have to personally go and choose the new washer and have it sent to her rental property.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Washing Machine Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: it looks like Sears MAY finally approval replacement of washing machine, but I am out $130 in laundromat costs since end of November, plus at least 6 hours away from work due to phone time w/ Sears & repair time. I would like reimbursement. .

Sears Cons: Sears maintenance contract -worst experience ever.

  • Put On Hold
  • Part No Longer Available
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