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I purchased a Kenmore “Elite” washing machine on Dec 26th 2018. It was delivered Dec.29th 2018.

We noticed the door didn’t always close, which made the machine display an error code DE2. Within a week and a half the door wouldn’t shut at all. I called customer service which offered to send service A WEEK LATER... I declined and demanded a replacement.

They then scheduled a delivery and I had requested a later time frame because I was working in the morning, they told it it was fine. When they called to confirm, they were just giving me the morning appt I told them

I would not be able to do. I was gen told I’d be compensated for my inconvience and then told they couldn’t. I’m

Still waiting for confirmation for another delivery, I won’t hold my breath!!

I will NEVER buy another product from Sears, I can now see why so many stores are closing.

To be honest they are doing the public a huge favor by shutting down. But bye Sears!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Kenmore Washing Machine.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Why would you purchase a major appliance from a store going out of business. You will not have a warranty on it. You should return it before the 30 day window


I agree with you. When my local KMart was closing, they had sold out of most everything that was any good, but they still had a brand new oven and a brand new lawn mower that were really good deals. But i thought that whoever would buy them would be buying them from a store that was closing down in just a few days, and they wouldn't be able to return them if they were defective without going through a whole bunch of Rigamaro, if they could even be returned at all.


The company made a horrible decision to farm out service work to subcontractors. I remember plainly company owned Sears service vehicles in the distant past and the appliances were well built and the service good. Such a shame ; they once had the world by the tail but let it go.