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I recently purchased a wood garden arbor from To begin with, the pricing was very reasonable even though they charged $90 for shipping. The problems bagan however when I received the shipment. It took roughly a week and a half for delivery and when UPS delivered the package the box was pretty banged up. They dropped the box off on my porch when I was not home, so I did not have the option to refuse the package.

After opening the box, I found that numerous parts were damaged and broken. I immediately called Sears customer service to replace the damaged item. Unlike other online retailers, they do not "replace" damaged merchandise. Instead, they instructed me that they would have to send UPS out to my house first to verify that the product was damaged and to determine whether it was the fault of the shipper or was already damaged from the manufacturer. Then, after a decision is made (they allow 7-10 days to make a decision), the product is shipped back to Sears (another week and a half?). Once Sears receives the damaged product, they will then process a credit (another 7-10 days). At that point, if I still want a new one, I need to replace and pay for the order again myself.

I have never dealt with any online retailer with such archaic return/replacement policies for damaged products. I stronger suggest to consider another retailer if you are thinking of purchasing something from

As of today (3 days after my call to Sears), I have still not received any contact from either UPS or Sears. Currently, I am trying to deal with the manufacturer directly to see if they cannot replace the damaged parts more quickly. Unless you enjoy dealing with these kind of headaches, DO NOT order from

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