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Went to Wal-mart for the product, they were out until next week. We were in the mall and decided to see if Sears also carried the same product.

They did but the price was $30 higher than Wal-mart. We asked the sales clerk if we showed her proof online the Wal-mart price if she would match it. Using their 'Competitor' computer....We brought up the Wal-mart price. The website showed the price.

The sales clerk clicked the link to show a store in the area that carried the product. The site was messed up & could would not show if the product was 'in-stock' anywhere. The sales clerk said she could not give me the Wal-mart price if we couldn't prove they had it 'IN-STOCK'. We asked for a manager.

She said that is the policy of Sears, if it can't be proven it is 'IN-STOCK' they will not match any price from any competitor. Hmmm...

They will loose a customer over a $30 difference, which is mark up anyway!!!! WOW!!!


Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Website.

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If thats their policy then that their policy. Whats makes you so d@mn important that they should make an exception for you?

Booo hooo hooo you big baby. Quit crying and get over it.

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