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Update by user Aug 23, 2018

The small savings was not worth the problems. Paid in full last month in the store.

Still sending bills & new credit cards to another state. Found this out because the Fraud Department called again.

They stated we owe late fees & interest on zero balance. Sears has failed to contact me as of this updated review.

Original review posted by user Jul 24, 2018

Bought a washer. Filled out a credit card to get free delivery & $60 credit. Big mistake.

1. Deliver guy pickup dryer by lid. Told him that was not good for my dryer. He told me he does this for a living & if I had a problem & wouldn't install the new washer.

2. Washer did not work. Called & spend 2 hours on the phone trying to get a service repairman. He can looked at washer & said it was a lemon.

3. Told to physically go to Sears & ask for a new one. That took another 2 hours.

4. New washer arrived. The installer was extremely nice & told me that their was nothing wrong with the washer, but the first installer installed it wrong.

5. NEVER RECEIVED A BILL NOR CREDIT CARD. Received a call from the bank & Sears. They sent the bill to our address but in another state.

6. On the phone for several hours & days with the fraud department trying to get this straighten out.

7. Today I received the bill along with finance charges & late fees. I WAS TOLD THAT I MUST PAY THEM. But, it was not my fault you send my bill to another state. I was told that I either give them another credit card or go to Sears to pay today & they will take off the finance & late payment fees.

8. Went to Sears to pay the bill & was not that I did not have an account. THEY REFUSED MY PAYMENT.

9. We were at Sears for 1 1/2 hours trying to get them to take out payment. Finally someone gave the cashier permission to take our payment.

This cluster *** was not worth the free delivery & $60 credit. If and when I do receive a credit card & will be closing this account. NEVER AGAIN!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Washing Machine Repair.

Reason of review: Several things, Poor customer service, problem with delivery, problem with payment, etc.

Preferred solution: A sincere apology for all the time WE SPENT ON TRYING TO RESOLVE THIS ISSUE..

Sears Cons: Repair service, Delivery service, Customer service, 414.

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