Westwego, Louisiana
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We also had a no show tech...only we were told they would show up between 8am and 5pm! no call, no excuses...after numerous calls to service, they contacted us a day later/tech showed up, didnot even turn off his truck,left his door open, walked up, looked at mower and said oh, i cannot fix this, it needs parts!

well, after yet another 2 weeks waiting on parts and tech it still was not fixed.

well, we finally got one source on phone , after alot of argueing and hanging up on many people, they finally agreed to replace...did i mention that the mower was only 40 days old and we paid over 6000 dollars for it?!

well, new mower came today and guess what, it is covered in metal shavings and makes a rattling sound when turning...back to service dept again on a mower we havenot even used yet...jackie assures us that we are able to use until repair can be made.. we'll see!

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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I know Sears likes to repair appliances and powered lawn equipment or at least try . But theoretically with a 90 day return policy they could give a new one .

So I understand you they gave a loaner with metal shavings while they are repairing your brand new mower ?

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